Innobot Tutorial 02 – Pygmalion IDE Installation Guide


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In this tutorial we explain how to install Pygmalion IDE Software and then proceed to program the Innobot.

Step 1:

Download the Pygmalion IDE Installer. Click on the link below!

Step 2:

Run the Blocks Installer as Administrator (Right Click).

Step 3:

Choose your Language.

Step 4:

  Select the installation path. We recommend to keep the default path.

Step 5:

 Select the components you want to install.

Step 6:

Select the main directory path name, we recommend to keep the default name.

Step 7:

Select the direct access creation (this option will create an icon access on the desktop)

Step 8:

Look the installation overview (click on install)

Step 9:

Just wait a few minutes to complete the installation process.

Step 10:

When the installation process ends, the Drivers installation begins, please click on Siguiente (Next).

Step 11:

Click on Sí (Yes), wait for the installation of Drivers

Step 12:

 Drivers installation was successful. Click on Finalizar (Finalize).

Step 13:

  Execute CODE, Click on Finalizar (Finalize).

Step 14:

Once Code has been executed, there is possible that appears the next message:
Please click on Allow Access.

Step 15:

The program has been successfully installed.